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A caring shoulder and listening ears can do wonders to a child

We Believe that We can Save More Lives with you: In 2015, five community lovers, were moved by the condition of children on the streets. They saw that young children, whose minds should be engaged in educational activities, sports and recreational activities were into begging, rag picking or even working as child labourers Many of them were exploited and abused by elder children and their own families. Helpless and with no one to speak to for their rescue, the lives of these young children were deprived of even the basic need for care and protection. JOL These five ignited minds could empathize with these children especially as some of them- Mr. Chheang Sophanna experienced different types of hardships during his own childhood. Together, they started Helping Hands Human Development organization in 2015 with the aim to improve the lives of the street children and other vulnerable kids. Their work started in a thatched shed, working in the field with the children trying to understand the root cause of their problems and trying to resolve their issues. Over a period of time, the growing team of Helping Hands introduced various programs that included contact points, open shelters, day care centres and multi-dimensional development residential centre for children.

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