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Sevensys IT is a Sevensys Global Sp. Z.o.o. venture( a registered entity in the Republic of Poland ) .

The main vision of Sevensys IT is to spread eSolutions and provide advanced Digital Technology to end users. Sevensys IT backed by it's highly dedicated Team thrives to share skills and knowledge through innovative concepts. providing services in several areas like Software Development, Web Design & Development, E-Commerce, CRM, ERP, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing Solutions and latest Health IT Solutions.

We at Sevensys IT are market leaders in delivering best in class tech solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprises to provide an omni channel experience to their customers.

We believe in giving life to the business projects of future and providing a hassle free experience. We've been successful in offering all, an extensive online platforms for any business genre from starting to running and to reaching new growth parameters.

We've successfully assisted 1M + businesses in making their dreams into reality.

Database Security

The Partner You DESERVE One of the most frustrating parts of finding an IT provider that works for your business is choosing one that can deliver everything you need

Web Development

Experience Digital and Beyond Experts in AI & ML, IoT, Cloud , DevOps & specializing in App Development

Security System

Computer Solutions East provides top-notch cloud solutions, services, and resources that profits your business by plummeting growth risks and driving efficiency.

IT Soluations

Empower your business by hiring managed IT services enabled by technology experts who drive business growth using modern tools as you focus on critical business tasks.


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Solutions Global Digital Technology Solution Provider.

Securely run and grow your business Complete, integrated solutions designed for medium and small business

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Wisely made, globally preferred !

A Vision Shared - Automated Software

A vision shared Our Organization is highly engineered and constantly evolving. To embrace rapid change, we need to take the long view.

Our History

Sevensys IT Solutions is a Sevensys Global Sp. Z.o.o. venture( a registered entity in the Republic of Poland ) .

2021 - Startup

Revamp your enterprise with an intuitive digital transformation to match the global demands by harnessing the power of the latest, robust technology.

2017 - Startup

How Cloud Maturity Can Help Overcome Cloud Adoption Challenges In Current Times - Meet.

2015 - Startup

Getting Too Compliant In The Cloud: Removing Common Compliance Obstacles

2021 - Startup

Digital transformation consulting services for enterprise !